Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's a better Army today

While I often express opinions about things in the Army today not being the "same" as when I served…sometimes not agreeing with all the changes that have occurred, last night I read an article in the latest issue of Army magazine (AUSA publication) that made me realize more than ever that what has resulted over the past ten years of so in terms of Army transition, has made the force better overall. The article was about the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, CA, and what observer/controllers (OC) there do, along with others assigned there full time to help prepare deploying units for combat. Regardless of your feelings about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, one fact leaps out at me. We have a very experienced group of mid-grade NCO and officer leaders in the field today, who really know what they are doing. Multiple deployments in combat have obviously built a tremendous level of experience and confidence in dealing with the rigors and dangers faced daily by those in the field. When I read the article, I wondered how I would perform under similar circumstances. I would welcome the chance to find out. But, that ain't possible.